PCB power and ground handling techniques

In the PCB board layout , the power and ground handling is very important to make noise generated by power lines and ground down to a minimum to ensure the quality of the product. Power and ground wiring rules are as follows . · Between the power supply and ground plus decoupling capacitors . · Try widening power lines, ground width , it is better than the power ground wire width . · Digital circuits available PCB ground wire to form a wide loop , constitutes a ground network to use, not so ...

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Controllable high-speed PCB design and electromagnetic compatibility

First PCB layout In PCB design, layout is an important step to complete product design , it can be said in front of the preparations for it are doing throughout the PCB , layout design process to define the highest and most detailed tips , maximum workload . There are single-sided PCB layout wiring , double-sided and multilayer wiring wiring . Wiring there are two ways : automatic routing and interactive routing , automatic routing before , you can use the interactive advance more stringent req...

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The layout of PCB

In PCB design, layout is an important part . Layout results will directly affect the wiring of results, so it can be considered reasonable PCB design layout is the first step to success. Layout are two ways , one is an interactive layout , another is automatic layout , usually on the basis of automatic layout adjustment with an interactive layout in the layout can be re- door circuit traces according to the situation distribution , and the two exchanged gates , making it the best layout for eas...

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Share PCB copy board / schematic design process made the experience of PCB

Usually made from a copy board or PCB board schematics, technical requirements needed is not high , so fast PCB board is very simple, but the actual operation need to be clear goal , of course, any course is focused on understanding the functional layout with components wiring requirements , reasonable good layout and PCB board layout components , will be able to make a high-quality PCB board PCB copy board that is in the case of existing PCB circuit board circuit board cloning , export, schema...

PCB copy board PCB board layout PCB design board layout

Why single-sided pcb board components to be placed on one side of it?

The main circuit board is designed pcb layout, it can greatly reduce wiring and assembly errors in the industry has also been reused. How sided pcb board layout? Single-sided circuit board design, the components to be placed on one side, in the reasonable arrangement position and orientation of the interface components, generally as a single-sided circuit boards and external connections are usually arranged at the edge of the circuit board, such as serial and parallel. If you need to doubl...

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