Some PCB boards price will be raised from June 2021

Dear customer:Hi, thanks for your support and trust in our company all the time!Due to the continuous interference of the COVID-19 epidemic, a great dearth of shipping containers, limited source suppl...

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How to reduce the negative effects of over-hole PCB parasitics?

In general, the following points can be controlled. 1 Select vias reasonable size. For 8-20 layer PCB design, the choice of 6/10Mil (drilling / pad) vias better, for some high-density small size of ...

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How to remove the IC block from the PCB?

General overhaul in the circuit, often demand from the PCB assembly of integrated circuits, due to the integrated and intensive multi-pin, assembled very difficult, and sometimes damage IC and PCB boa...

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On the composition of PCB prices

Over the years, pcb price volatility has been familiar to people outside the industry, even though some have years of experience in the PCB has also not all staff understand the ins and outs herein be...

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