Invotec Group strengthens in Germany

PCB manufacturer, Invotec Group, has appointed Thomas Witt and Monika Braun as Sales Agent and Sales Assistant for Germany. Thomas joins the company with experience as a Sales Account Manager, primarily within the high reliability PCB sector, whilst Monika has a customer service background in the PCB industry with a particular focus on quick turnaround orders. Both Thomas and Monika will be based in Nagold in the south west of Germany. Matt Bowman, Invotec Group’s Sales Director, commented: “W...

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MMAB gets new CEO

Swedish PCB manufacturer Malmö Mönsterkort AB has appointed a new CEO. After seven years as CEO Ola Eriksson has decided to leave the position to Jonas Wackerfeldt, with previous experience as Purchasing Director at ABB Low Voltage/Jokab Safety and Business Developer at Contac Solutions. Ola Eriksson will continue as a board member of MMAB Group. During the last year MMAB has opened an office in Hungary and doubled the number of employees in China to expand on logistics, quality con...

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Spirit Circuits Partners with MPW Insurance Brokers

Innovative PCB manufacturer, Spirit Circuits, has appointed MPW Insurance Brokers to provide cover and risk management advice. MPW, the Kent-based insurance brokers, will provide general insurance cover for SCL PCB Solutions Group, which is comprised of Spirit Circuits and Lyncolec. Ian Gregory, director of MPW Insurance Broker, said, “We are proud to be associated with Steve Driver and his thriving businesses. SCL PCB Solutions has similar ideals to MPW. Both companies are highly respected wi...

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Virtual Tour of a PCB Manufacturer

Base2 Electronics has a great post describing a detailed virtual walkthrough of the facilities and processes of Advanced Circuits (AC), a PCB manufacturer. For geek heads like us this is better than Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Way better. We could lose ourselves in a facility like this for days on end! The entire production process is like a smooth well oiled machine: Two-layer PCBs start as copper-clad board stock. They are then drilled in CNC drills and machined to remove burs and ...

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Next-Generation Electronics and PCBs Will Require Smaller Capacitors

There is a lot of talk going on in consumer electronics and the engineering industry about the “next generation” of products in development. From ultra-HD displays to smaller and faster personal electronics, the future of the industry may rely on the quality and capability of smaller and smaller capacitors. Researchers from the National Institute for Materials Science in Japan say that they have developed a new way to shrink capacitors even further than they are now using the materials available...

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Etching Equipment & Configuration

An expanded discussion of the effects of internal configuration of the etcher is given in the Outerlayer Etching Area. Both Ammoniacal and the Cupric Chloride etchants are extremely corrosive to all common metals, and consequently the etching chambers are usually made of plastic. Polyvinylchloride is the most common material of construction, Polypropylene is also used. The only metal that is used in etchers today is Titanium. In order to ease the problem of waste treatment of rinses, many Ammo...

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PCB industry towards high-end products to change the development mode

China has become the largest producer of PCB , PCB production , but to become a powerhouse companies also need to grasp the PCB industry to a higher density development opportunities to enhance the technical level, has introduced to the market needs of high-tech products . According to the China Printed Circuit Association (CPCA) statistics , China 's PCB ( printed circuit board ) value reached $ 14.3 billion in 2007 , accounting for 28.6 % of global market share , surpassing Japan as the world...

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Demand -driven PCB market continues to grow

U.S. electronics industry consulting firm Prismark 's report pointed out that from 2010 to 2015 , China will be nearly 10 % compound annual growth rate of the world's fastest growing PCB market . To 2015 , HDIPCB output share of the Chinese market will be upgraded to today's 42% to 50% . In May this year , AT & Technology and Systems Technology AG (AT & S) announced that its marketing strategy , will increase in China 's energy production and market share , in order to meet because the s...

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Eagle PCB Layout Tutorial

With printed circuit board (PCB) and schematic design software you can create design files that will allow a PCB manufacturer to turn your design into an actual circuit board. PCB layout software packages are generally expensive pieces of software meant for corporate use. Eagle, however, is a powerful design package that is available free for non-profit use. The freeware version of Eagle limits the size of the board you can design, but has no other limitations. If you need to make a larger circu...

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PCB areas perfect measure

Under normal circumstances , PCB manufacturers many products, mostly high-volume production , and the need to measure a variety of geometric elements, such as length, width, pitch and hole position degree. Therefore, efficient, fast, accurate measurement of the various elements of the PCB manufacturers have become the subject of most concern . PCB ( printed circuit board that is ) is an important electronic component is the support of electronic components, electrical and electronic components ...

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How to Design PCB Stackup

There are two options:1 Leave your PCB manufacturer to design PCB stackup for you.You don’t need to spend your time by designing stackup. Leave it on PCB manufacturer-they are professionals. They do it every day. Also, by doing it this way, you can work on design in parallel of handling issues with PCB stackup.Many times PCB manufacturer is not able to build PCB stackup designed by other company or a person outside their company. The main reason is unavailability of material used in some PCB sta...

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Prototype PCB Printed Circuit Board Plating

In today’s prototype printed circuit boards, copper is used especially for interconnecting the components on the substrate. Traditionally, copper is used as a material to form an electrical connectivity track pattern; whenever copper is exposed without proper coating and exposed to air over a long period of time, copper will be easily tarnish because of oxidation. It will then get corroded and thus loses its solderability. Because of this issue, multiple techniques are used to protect the copper...

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How to Get a Prototype PCB

If you need a printed circuit board (PCB), you can order a prototype from a PCB manufacturer in quantities as small as just one or two. You can make your own PCB by etching a laminated board, but with prices decreasing on commercially fabricated PCB prototypes, you may find it more practical to order a PCB prototype for $50 or less. Instructions 1 Decide on the specifications you'll need and look for companies online that offer those as basic options for prototypes. For example, you may be abl...

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How to Fry a Circuit Board

circuit boards are the core electronic wiring for most modern electronics, and to fry the circuit board means to severely damage your device. Circuit boards are composed of a fiberglass board woven with copper wire or other conductive materials. Some modern circuit boards, known as Printed Circuit Boards, or PCBs, are copper-laminated fiberglass, which helps to limit the use of the environmentally-harmful copper. There are various ways to fry your circuit board, and this article will cover the m...

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How to Learn PCB Layout

Printed circuit board (PCB) layout is as much art as science, and the only way to learn is through experience and practice. Starting with simple projects will help you learn how to use your design software. Each software package is different, but there are a few basic design principles that will apply no matter what. As long as you work slowly and carefully you'll be able to design a clear, logical circuit board that's easy to assemble. Instructions 1 Download and install the PCB design softw...

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How To Reduce Harm From PCB

Avoid Eating Fish and Game --- Avoid eating fish, ducks and other wildlife from the Fox River, Green Bay and Great Lakes region. All the fish contain at least some degree of PCB contamination, and many ducks are contaminated as well PCB manufacturer. If you do eat wild game, follow the governments’ consumption advisories and cooking guidelines, to limit your PCB exposure. Girls should be especially careful to avoid eating PCB-contaminated fish, because they can accumulate the PCB, then pass the ...

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General Tips To Help You With PCB Layout

Keyword: pcb layout software, Pcb board , PCB manufacturer Pcb board It will eventually happen that you are trying to figure out why something is not working and you want to measure a signal inside your PCB. Before designing the PCB, you should think which points will be important to troubleshoot your circuit and, pcb board in case they are not easily accessible, add a test point somewhere connected to them. There are various forms of test points, but the ones that form a loop are great for tes...

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Printed Circuit Board Layout and Routing

label: PCB Layout,Printed-circuit-board,prototype PCB Rapidly prototype printed circuit boards (PCBs) with Ultiboard. The flexible Ultiboard design environment accelerates design with automated functionality while maintaining precision with manual control. You can export to industry standard formats like Gerber and DXF. In addition, complete integration to NI Multisim allows for comprehensive design annotation and access to advanced circuit simulation technology. Ultiboard benefits include the ...

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High Current PCB designing

label: PCB design,Printed-circuit-board,PCB manufacturer High Current carrying Printed Circuit Boards require heavy copper or high thermally conductive dielectric. Before determining the copper weight, it is advisable to determine allowed amount of Heat Dissipation. IPC-2221A, section 6.2 is a good place to start. Consideration 1: IPC-2152, Standard for Determining Current-Carrying Capacity in Printed Board Design. Consideration 2: Be generous with your circuit air gap. Your board manufac...

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China Manufacturing: Brand Technique On Copying PCB Board

Keyword: pcb board producer, PCB, PCB manufacturer, pcb board, copying PCB board The copying of China PCB manufacturer for that pcb board is generally for the excellent electronic items while in the global industry. So 1st the PCB board producer should make sure the products has got the full recognition of localization and also the price tag with the solution need to be in pcb board line together with the level of domestic consumption. No matter the transforming for the PCB board or impressive,...

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