Creating customizable handheld gaming devices----Open Game Station

If you are a game fan, you can’t miss Open Game Station.It is an open hardware platform designed by Longan Labs, which allows you to build a modular, handheld gaming console capable of playing classic 8-bit games. You can add modules to expand the console, install free games from community-maintained collections, and modify code to customize your experience or develop your own games. What's more, it's easy to install games on and supports all Arduboy-based games.How to install?1.Connect the micr...

Crowd Supply 8-bit games open hardware platform Open Game Station

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1 Iridium 10
2 Remy 7
3 Hugo Hu 6
4 PCBWay Support 2
5 Gorge 1
6 Joseph Chiu 1
7 HomeKid 1
8 Yehor Kirieiev 1
9 implex 1
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