Basic Information about LED PCB

The LED PCB comes into being with the rapid development of the printed circuit PCB industry. Some LEDs were soldered on PCB to created lighting electronic products.As we all know that LED will generate more heat compared with other electronic parts, which required the PCB to have a better ability for dissipating heat. For these special requirements, metal core PCB are frequently used on LED PCB, especially aluminum core PCB. This is because the aluminum PCB typically includes a thin layer of the...

Metal Core PCB Heat Dissipation Aluminum PCB LED PCB

How to Design an LED PCB

Printed circuit boards are thin boards with patterns of micron-size wires and electrical components such as resistors and capacitors. Manufacturers design them for specific applications. You can find them in almost all electronic devices made today. It is often desirable to have a light on a PCB to notify the user it has power. Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are semiconducting devices that emit light when you apply a voltage to them, so they often appear in PCBs for this purpose. Instructions 1...

LED PCB Printed circuit boards

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