Building a Rust Driver for PineTime’s Touch Controller

Pretend you’re my IoT student. I give you a PineTime Smart Watch and challenge you to “Make it work… Especially the touch screen!” The Touch Screen appears to be lacking some documentation. What would you do?PineTime Touch Screen = Touch Panel + Display PanelWe carefully pry open the PineTime Smart Watch with tweezers (or forceps) and examine the Touch Screen. It looks like a single chunk of plastic… But it’s actually two delicate pieces fused together: Touch Panel and Display Panel…PineTime Tou...

Nrf52 programming Gadgets Rust Internet of Things

Bluetooth Mesh with nRF52 and Apache Mynewt

Suppose we have four light bulbs in our home, each with its own on/off switch…Let’s make them smart… With Wireless Remote Control!Flipping the on/off switch of the first bulb should switch the other bulbs on and off. So the first on/off switch acts like a Master On/Off Switch for our entire home.How shall we implement this?We could do this with WiFi… Assuming that we have good WiFi coverage at every corner of our home. There’s a simpler solution… Bluetooth Mesh!With Bluetooth Mesh there’s no nee...

Gadgets Mynewt Nrf52 Bluetooth Mesh Internet of Things

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