How to avoid the negative effects of vias in high-speed PCB design

The basic concept of viasVia is an important part of multilayer PCB. The cost of drilling usually accounts for 30% to 40% of the cost of PCB. Simply put, each hole on the PCB can be called via. From a functional point of view, vias can be divided into two categories: one is used as an electrical connection between layers, the other is used for fixing or positioning devices. In terms of technology process, these vias are generally divided into three categories, namely blind vias, buried vias, and...

High Speed PCB Through Hole Buried Via Blind Vias

Blind vias and Buried Vias

Blind and buried vias are only available on boards with at least four layers. Unlike regular vias on a two layer board which connect the two surface layers, buried and blind vias connect the inner layers with either other adjacent inner layers or adjacent surface layers.Blind Vias: Connects an inner layer with the adjacent surface layer, they are only visible on one side of the boards and so are called 'blind' vias. Buried Vias: Connects two adjacent inner copper layers. They are not vis...

Blind vias Buried Vias

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