32-channel EEG ADC with Cortex-M7 ----FreeEEG32

What is FreeEEG32?FreeEEG32 is a stackable, open source 32-channel (4 ADCs x 8 channels ea.), 24-bit, sigma-delta, simultaneous sampling board meant to satisfy scientists and hackers who want research-grade equipment without breaking the bank. NeuroIDSS has been developing this EEG for several years now as the definitive open source answer to expensive, proprietary EEG technology.The FreeEEG32 mixes four AD7771 ADCs with ultra-low noise sources and references (<0.22 μV measured) and a powerfu...

microcontroller STM32H7 open source FreeEEG32 Cortex-M7 32-channel EEG ADC

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