Free to get 2 channel Relay Module

After survey we found that so many of our clients are electronic enthusiasts. They are interested in Arduino, Raspberry Pi, microcontroller or others.In order to support them to make more interesting projects, we deliberately produce some modules as gifts for engineers.This time the gift module is “2 channel Relay Module”. Each time we will choose 2-4 lucky engineers.How to get it?( you can choose any one )1.@ our official Facebook account that you want to be the lucky engineer to get the relay ...

Relay Module activity module

Ranking Name Answers
1 Remy 11
2 Li Zhuo 9
3 Paul H 9
4 Kemio 6
5 PCBWay Support 5
6 Gorge 4
7 Andrew 4
8 Joson 4
9 HomeKid 3
10 Carl 2
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