Porting [druid] Rust Widgets to PineTime Smart Watch

A button that responds to our tapping and increments a counter… That’s what we shall accomplish today on the PineTime Smart Watch…The Watch App we see in the video was created with the [druid] Crate in Rust.In [druid], UI controls are known as Widgets. Our app contains two Widgets: A Label Widget that displays the counter, and a Button Widget that increments the counter.Lemme explain the code in the [druid] app…pub fn launch() { // Build a new window let main_window = WindowDesc::new(ui_bu...

PineTime Nrf52 Programming Gadgets Internet of Things Rust

Running Rust and FreeRTOS on the PADI IoT Stamp

Now is the best time to experiment with low-cost, low-power IoT microcontrollers.For under US$ 14, I can buy a tiny stamp-sized PADI microcontroller with ARM Cortex-M3 and built-in WiFi plus SPI, I2C and UART interfaces. And it comes with an SWD USB adapter for flashing and debugging. All set for building the latest and greatest IoT devices!But where are the software tools for writing robust and reliable programs for microcontrollers?Today my IoT students at Temasek Polytechnic are still writing...

Freertos Padi Rtl8710 IoT PADI FreeRTOS Rust

Rust Rocks NB-IoT! STM32 Blue Pill with Quectel BC95-G on Apache Mynewt

The year is 2029. Humans are populating the Moon, starting at Moon Base One. Two Moon Base Operators are about to commit another grave mistake in the crop garden of beautiful red tomatoes…Tomato Crop and NB-IoT Sensors on Moon Base OneOperator 1: After the last IoT calamity I’m glad we switched from MQTT to CoAP Servers connected by NB-IoT. Now that we have added many sensors to our crop garden, our NB-IoT Sensors need to transmit more efficiently. Can you change the CoAP payload from JSON to CB...

Programming Stm32 Internet of Things Rust

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