Development Trend of Rigid-Flex PCB Manufacturing Process Technology

Introduction:The manufacturing process of rigid-flex PCB is different due to the different types of substrates. The main processes that determine its performance are fine-line technology and microporous technology. With the requirements of the miniaturization, multi-function and intensive assembly of electronic products, the manufacturing technologies of rigid-flex PCBs and embedded flexible PCBs aiming at high-density combination are widely concerned about the high-end PCB technology at present...

Manufacturing Process Technology Rigid-Flex PCB

What is Rigid-Flex PCB?

Rigid-Flex printed circuit boards are boards using a combination of flexible and rigid board technologies in an application. Most rigid flex boards consist of multiple layers of flexible circuit substrates attached to one or more rigid boards externally and/or internally, depending upon the design of the application. The flexible substrates are designed to be in a constant state of flex and are usually formed into the flexed curve during manufacturing or installation.Rigid-Flex designs are more ...

Rigid-Flex PCB

The case for rigid-flex PCB technology

When to use flex It’s getting harder to fit everything in the box; it’s also getting more costly. One solution promising to help designers meet the size constraint head on is rigid-flex PCB technology, but most design teams try to avoid using rigid-flex PCBs when product cost is an issue. But is it really as expensive as we think? To begin with, consider the cost of the traditional rigid-cable-rigid PCB assembly to one based on rigid-flex technology. The former construction works well for shor...

PCB technology rigid-flex PCB

Getting soft PCB board basis soft PCB board presentation

In other countries, has been widely used soft PCB in the early sixties. Country, then in the sixties began production applications. In recent years, as the global economic integration and open the city to try to introduce technology to promote their usage constantly growing, some small and medium-rigid PCB Factory targeting this opportunity to make use of soft hardware technology, the use of existing tools and tooling equipment technology for improvement, restructuring production of soft PCB and...

PCB soft PCB PCB application Rigid-flex PCB

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