The art of PCBs

Some might argue that a properly placed and routed PCB is itself a work of art. In this article I am actually referring to the silk screen and solder mask of the PCB as artistic elements of board design. The solder mask, which is traditionally green in color, is printed onto the circuit board to protect the copper surface from corrosion and prevent short circuits between components during assembly. The silk screen is printed on top of the solder mask and is typically used to identify components ...

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How to Make PCBs With a Laser Cutter

Printed circuit board (PCB) etching can be performed using a number of techniques. The most commonly employed method uses ultraviolet (UV) light and some chemicals. The UV is used to transfer the mask of the circuit layout from paper to the PCB. The board is then developed and etched by immersing it in a basic and an acidic solution respectively. The quality of the PCB developed depends heavily on the transfer of the mask onto the PCB through UV light. Instructions 1 Turn the laser printer on...

PCBs Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

Flexible Circuits

Definition of Flexible CircuitsIn their simplest form, flexible circuits are PCBs made of materials that allow for a non-planar positioning within the end product. Typical materials a polyimide-based, and can go under trade names such as Kapton (DuPont). Applications for Flex CircuitsOften flexible circuits are used for applications that have repeated flex cycles, such as cellular phones, doors, etc. A growing application for flexible circuits are their use as a connector in LED-based lighting...

Flexible Circuits PCBs printed circuit board

Components in a Circuit Board

All electronically controlled devices, such as computers and phones, have one or more circuit boards. A circuit board is what holds different types of electronic components. A circuit board is generally made up of an insulating material, sandwiched between two thin layers of copper. The copper is etched to produce pads where components are installed as well as traces or thin copper strips to connect these components together.Integrated Circuit ChipsIntegrated circuit chips, or ICs, are small-s...

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How to Solder Resistors Into PCBs

printed circuit boards are used to simplify the process of circuit fabrication. A typical printed circuit board has predrilled holes for the electrical or electronic components to be placed into, and has integrated connective leads printed on the circuit board. However, an electrical or electronic circuit constructed on a circuit board requires that the devices--such as resistors--be soldered to the circuit board. Otherwise, the components can work loose if the circuit board is bumped or shaken ...

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Scoring of PCB

Scoring is used for mechanical pre-separation of circuit boards. A V-shaped breaking line is formed in the circuit board with a precision cutting tool. Please observe the following rules:■The circuit boards spacing in the layout is 0.0mm■Scoring lines must be straight; horizontal and vertical lines are possible, and always run from circuit board outer edge to circuit board outer edge■For stability, we recommend using scoring only above a minimum circuit board thickness of 1mm■For PCBs thinner th...

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Confirming Reliability of Printed Circuit Boards

A hanges in our modern way of life have fostered the miniaturization of electronic appliances and their use in a wide variety of environments. This miniaturization of electronic appliances has increased the mounting density of PCB (printed circuit boards) and has narrowed the tolerance between conductors to minute gaps. On the other hand, the diversity of environments in which this equipment is used has brought on numerous types of environmental stress to PCBs. When heat stress and mechanical st...

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What Are Dioxin-Like PCBs?

Polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, are a class of compounds that share a similar structure -- two benzene rings linked by a single bond, with a varying number of chlorine atoms attached to the benzene rings. These compounds were widely produced and used in industry from the 1930s through the 1970s but were later found to have toxic effects on humans and the environment. PCBs that exhibit similar toxicity to dioxins are called dioxin-like PCBs. Characteristics of PCBsPCBs are colorless, odorle...

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PCB Book-to-Bill Continues to Climb

label: printed circuit board,PCBs North America printed circuit board (PCB) orders were up 20.8 percent year over year in October, prompting the book-to-bill ratio for PCBs to climb for the sixth consecutive month. The IPC – Association Connecting Electronics Industries published its monthly book-to-bill report Monday, reporting October's ratio of bookings to billings at 1.18, up from September's 1.15. The trade group calculates the figure by averaging its index numbers for orders booked over ...

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