PCB Failure Analysis Process Overview

As the carrier with a hub for a variety of signal transmission circuit components , PCB has become the most important and critical part of the electronic information products , the quality and reliability of its quality determines the level of quality and reliability of the whole device. However, due to technical and cost reasons , PCB of a large number of failures occurred in the production and application process . Then they would have to use some common failure analysis techniques. PCB betwe...

PCB PCB contamination inspection PCB process

PCB light painting process

Keyword: PCB light painting process, PCB process, PCB design PCB light painting process in transfer line is PCB process of an important link of any discrepancies in this link, all subsequent process, could potentially bring serious problem, so the inside of every step should be strictly controlled. (a) check the user's file User files, the first thing to routine inspection: 1, check that the file is in good condition; 2, check the file with poisonous and toxic to antivirus; 3, if the Ge...

PCB light painting process PCB process PCB design

Copper PCB design

Keyword: PCB board, PCB process, Circuit design, printed circuit board, PCB supplier Circuit design of the printed circuit board, the designer has to deal with a large area basically PuTong problem. The widespread application of copper commonly used on the printed circuit board has two kinds. Is a kind of copper, copper is a kind of grid. Its effects are different: one for heat dissipation, a shield for reducing (and possibly some other aspects of the role). That exactly is reply to copper, c...

PCB board PCB process Circuit design printed circuit board PCB supplier

PCB Gerber operational processes

label: PCB process,PCB design,PCB Gerber output PCB Gerber PCB process is a very important aspect of the transfer process in line among any errors that appear in this session, are likely to follow the process serious problems, so each step must be strictly inside. (A) check the user's files Users brought documents, we must first carry out a routine inspection: 1, check the file is intact; 2 Check whether the document with a toxic, poisonous, you must first antivirus; 3, if the Gerber ...

PCB process PCB design PCB Gerber output

PCB process defect causes and elimination process - the film

Keyword: PCB factory, PCB process Film, is to use one of the important raw materials of PCB factory. With the photographic film is the same working principle, thus to save and use conditions has a very high requirements. Slightly inappropriate treatment will create many problems. This issue we will talk about some defect causes and elimination method of film A. light draw for film 1. Question: the film fog, contrast is bad (1) the old developer, development time is too long. Solution: the...

PCB factory PCB process

PCB impedance control

Keyword: PCB conductor, PCB wire, PCB trace, PCB line, PCB process In recent years, with the improvement of IC integration and application of the signal transmission frequency and speed is higher and higher, consequently in PCB conductor, signal transmission (emission) after high to a certain value, will be affected by PCB wire itself, leading to a serious distortion or complete loss of signal transmission. This shows that the PCB traces "flow" by the "thing" is not current, but the square wave...

PCB conductor PCB wire PCB trace PCB line PCB process

PCB manufacturing defects causes and elimination method - drilling

Keyword: PCB process, PCB manufacturing 2 in front of the post process defects and solutions mainly talked about the base material and negative aspects, this paper focused on some problems about drilling process and the solution! Drilling is an important process in PCB process, looks very simple, but in fact is a critical process. Also easy to produce all sorts of problems. 1. The hole deviation, para phrase (1) drilling bit in its process of the solution: A. Check whether the spindle defle...

PCB process PCB manufacturing

PCB etching process and process control

Keyword: PCB panel, printed circuit board, PCB processing technology, PCB process Printed circuit board from the plate to show the line graphic process is a complex physical and chemical reaction process, which is the final step - etching parsing. At present, the printed circuit board (PCB) processing of typical process using "graphic electroplating method". Namely first on board outer copper foil part of the need to retain, also is the graphical portion of the circuit on the pre plating a laye...

PCB panel printed circuit board PCB processing technology PCB process

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