Cooperation between Crowd Supply and PCBWay

The picture is a crowdfunding project "Neosegment Digit" that launched by Maks Surguy at Crowd Supply. It is very popular that raised total $6500. We are honored to help Maks to assemble the project. PCBWay has helped creators assemble these projects in Crowd Supply:ALio Proto Board: The ALL-in-One Prototyping BoardNeosegment DigitPaperinoCrowd Supply is a crowdfunding platform based in Portland, Oregon and very popular among creators. Their mission is to bring original, useful, respec...

Crowd Supply cooperaiton

Ranking Name Answers
1 Iridium 11
2 Remy 9
3 PCBWay Support 2
4 Koen Weijand 2
5 Carl 2
6 Alex C 2
8 Kemio 1
9 Paul H 1
10 Gorge 1
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